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Classic Patio Clematis Collection (2 x 3 Litre)

Classic Patio Clematis Collection (2 x 3 Litre)

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Collection of two stunning Clematis perfect for the patio!

Samaritan Jo is a Raymond Evison variety a bears that real WOW we've all come to love from his Clematis.

Large white flowers flushed with a rich purple margin appear for months upon end - flowering from May right through to October.

Why not grow over a wall or fence to create a real impact in the borders, or alternatively, being a little more compact than many Clematis, try growing up a support in large pots and containers on the patio.

Clematis Chevalier has been bred by the world famous Raymond Evison and this wonderful variety is one of our favourites.

Richly coloured violet blue flowers appear over a long period - from June through to September, on this free-flowering Clematis.  Flowers are single, semi-double and fully double giving a wonderful effect.

Plant in full sun or partial shade and remember to ensure this climber has something to grow up against, either a fence, trellis or use canes to create a structure.

Being a more compact variety, Chevalier can also been grown in large pots and containers.

To create the best displays prune in late February back to the highest and strongest set of buds.  After the first flush of flowers has passed prune again to half way along the stems to encourage a second flush.  Please note that this Clematis will flower on the previous years wood so it is important to not cut back too ground level as this will sacrifice the flowers.

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