Wooden blocks - Shape sorter - Shell - Pink

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Product Description

Can you put the shells back in the correct openings? This shape sorter stimulates eye-hand coordination and you practice recognizing the different shapes and colours. It is a super fun game for your toddler or preschooler. The wooden mold oven is durable and the molds consist of a star, shell and circle. Also a perfect (maternity) gift!


In two colors and on two sides, the star, shell and circle fit through the preformed holes. Does your toddler or preschooler manage to push the right shapes through the matching openings? Nice challenge!

And if it worked, you can just do it again. Your child can easily conjure up the molds again through the large opening on the side. On top is also a two-piece puzzle in the shape of a shell.

Playing with the shape sorter stimulates your child's senses to discover, feel, look and recognize. Teach your child to name shapes and colors in a playful way. Fine motor skills are also practiced. Because it is not easy to get the block just right in front of the opening so that it fits through.

Fun guaranteed with this shape sorter. The wood is sturdy and of good quality. It is already suitable for your little one from 12 months. And is your baby still too small to play with it? Then it is a perfect accessory for the baby's room. This is a perfect present for the baby shower or the first birthday.


Choose from pink or blue.


12 x 15 cm.


Made from 100% sustainable MDF and Juniper wood.


From 12 months your child can play with this shape oven. Remove all packaging components before use. Check regularly whether the toy is still intact and therefore undamaged. Very safe for your little one.

To clean

You can wipe it with a damp cloth.

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