Footmuff for Car Seat & Stroller - Bliss Knit - Storm Grey

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Product Description


With a footmuff, your little one always leaves the house warm. You can use a footmuff in the car seat, but also in the playpen or on the road in the pram. The trendy colors and rich knits of this Spring knit line are very stylish. A footmuff is really a godsend. You can easily put your baby in the footmuff by first unzipping the bag completely. You can also easily remove your baby from the car seat by unzipping the footmuff completely. You can quickly make a hat from the top with one push button so that the head also stays warm as soon as you wear the car seat outside or take a walk. To ensure that your baby does not get too hot in the car, open the zipper of the bag as far as necessary. In short: a super handy comfort bag for your baby. The footmuff has openings in the back to make it extra easy to fasten the belts. It is a universal footmuff for the Maxi Cosi and all other categories 0 car seats with three or five-point belts. You can also use the footmuff in the pram. Your baby will be warmly wrapped up for the walk-in in no time.


50% cotton + 50% acrylic and the inside is made of soft fleece teddy fabric of polyester.


The comfort bag is 42x82 cm.

To wash

Wash at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees. Follow the instructions on the care label.

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