Cuddle cloth Elephant - Caramel

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Product Description


Attach this wonderfully soft pacifier cloth to your baby's pacifier with the loop and the pacifier remains traceable! This makes searching for a pacifier in the playpen, bed or pram a thing of the past. No more nighttime escapades with lights on looking for that little dummy. With the pacifier cloth you grab the pacifier with one grip from the corner of the bed and your baby can continue sleeping.

As soon as your child is a bit bigger and can grab and search for it himself, the pacifier is easy to find thanks to this cuddle cloth. So you can just sit on the couch or lie in bed a little more often. Enjoy! The cuddle cloth is in the shape of an elephant and of extra soft velvet material that your child can cuddle and cuddle with. You can easily tie the cuddle cloth to the pacifier thanks to the loop.

Gift tip

This is a nice maternity gift. Always usable. During use, the parents will be grateful to the giver.


In nougat and caramel.


20cm .


The velvet fabric is 75% polyester and 25% cotton.


Hand washable.

Safe choice

A pacifier cloth is safe to use. You don't clip a pacifier cloth to the clothes, making it a 100% safe sleep cuddly toy.

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