Bib Bandana - Wrinkled - Chestnut - 2 Pieces

€5,99 €8,99

Product Description


Protect your baby or toddler's clothes with this fun bandana bib. These bibs are not only very useful during eating, but also if your child has teething and drools a lot.

A child often does not like having to change the clothes again and again. This is solved with these bandana bibs. The bandanas catch the drool and keep the clothes dry. That saves a lot of dressing times. These bandana bibs are easy to put on with handy press studs. Thanks to several buttons, it grows with the neck circumference of your child. So nice to use for a long time.

Such a bandana model is a lot hipper than a long piece of bib. The bandanas come in different colors so you can match the color with your child's clothes. These bibs are supplied as standard in a duo pack. So you always have a clean one if the other one is wet and dirty or in the washing machine.

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